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Equidance VIP service.

This exciting addition to the Equidance freestyle arrangements is for clients who want their music NOW.  You have a choice - you can come to the Equidance HQ studio and spend a session with Tony and Kelly choosing your music and being totally involved in the editing experience.  You get to watch Tony edit which is lan incredible experience and adjustments and input from you are all part and parcel of this unique package.  We also offer this experience via Zoom for our International clients  and it works brilliantly.


This satisfied a gap in the market for instant freestyle music at World Class quality - whether you are wanting a Prelim or an Olympic GP - our standards, care and attention are always exceptional. We make it fun, informative and the end result is as good as editing gets.


We have excellent reviews on our VIP service.  You must also have a freestyle arrangement - this is strictly a 'bolt on' service

VIP Service

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