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  • What levels do you cater for?
    Any and all! We have many Grand Prix and International clients but the majority of our riders are grass roots and below Advanced Medium. We take as much pride and time in producing a Prelim as to do a PSG.
  • How do I get started with a music freestyle?
    Make contact. State if it is urgent and chat about time scales/music choices etc - we are very approachable and easy to deal with and will give every customer the amount of time they need to ensure we get it right. Once you know which level you are competing at, simply purchase the correct Freestyle Music Arrangement from the shop and we will get started straight away. ​
  • Do I need my own floor plan?
    Yes - the beauty of freestyle is that you can tailor your floor plan around your and horse's strengths. Do not use a BD test - the judges will know :-)
  • Can you design the floor plan for me?
    Yes! We have a grandprix rider, BHSAI and UKCC level 3 coach and rider, Stef Eardley, who designs on behalf of Equidance when it is needed. The charge for this is £30 up to Elementary and more for Medium and above. . Stef will get in touch and chat to you about your strengths and areas needing improvement and design a test to really show you both off.
  • What do I do after I have my floor plan?
    You need to make a video of riding the floor plan. Get someone to stand at C (ideally) and film on a smart phone in landscape format (sideways). You then send this to us via wetransfer or Whatsapp and we can get started. It's crucial that you check your timings - they must be correct for the level being entered. If you are slightly out and can't film again, contact us and we may be able to help
  • What size arena do I need to film in?
    The same size that you will be competing in! For BD this means a 20mx60m long format arena.
  • Great, you have my video - what do we do now?"
    Well now we need a chat to decide on the type of music that you like and also what fits your horse. The music must suit the horse and we have an excellent history of getting this just right. Some songs that you really like may not work with the cadence or the tempo of your horse's gait and we won't put together something that won't work - we prefer to discuss with you, find alternatives and get it right. You have to be excited to ride to it and we will make sure that you love it.
  • OK so the music is chosen - what do you do now?
    Now Tony works his magic and puts it together seamlessly. He takes great care on the parts where the transitions are and the music changes - we don't simply use cross fades like other companies have done for years - we work with the piece of music and get it as seamless as possible.
  • How long does it take to put it together?
    The turn around time for music arrangements is entirely dependant on work load - we are very busy - so up to 6/7 weeks. However, If you have a dressage emergency and require music earlier, we have a comprehensive fast track service with different levels of speed to suit your requirements. As always - Contact Us and ask - we will always try and help where we can
  • Awesome - I love it! Now what?
    Now we sort your BD forms, burn you off 2xCDs and stick them in the post first class. It is as simple as that.
  • Hmmm I want to change my music now...can I do this?
    We spend a lot of time making sure you are happy before the edit is done - it takes a lot of time to match each piece to the horse's gait perfectly so we can not do music edits at this point for free - if you decide you want to substitute a different track we have to charge at this point to cover the time it takes for each change of music choice - £59 up to Adv Med and £79 PSG and Above.
  • Ive got a new horse - can I use my old music and floor plan and still get decent scores?
    There is no rule against it - but unless your horse is a carbon copy of your last one then it will not work as well - contact us and we can advise the best way forward.
  • I'm only at prelim level - I'm starting out - do you still take as much care as you do with Grand Prix arrangements?
    We love grass roots riders and do as much as possible to increase uptake of the sport. You get the same dedication and level of service regardless of your level of competition. Today's prelim riders could be tomorrow's grand prix so we nurture everyone at every stage of the process.
  • How come you've got so many 5 Star testimonials?
    We have a reputation of making people cry when they receive their edit - I guess they like it and want to share their experience ;-) X
  • Can I cancel my order? My circumstances have changed
    Yes - by law you have 14 days to cancel your order for any reason. After this period, if you havent sent us a video yet we extend this to a 30 day cancelation policy. If you have sent us a video, whether just paces or your finished floor plan we are then 'engaged' and spending time on your arrangement. We do not accept cancelations after this for any reason - we apologise for any inconvenience caused.
  • Ok whats this all about?
    Ever listen to music as you ride? Do you find that some songs really work and others are just the wrong tempo or wrong cadence for your gait? Well Mrs. Equidance finds this too so Tony came up with the idea to make tailored training music that fits each individual horses gait. Warm up, work phase and cool down - each section is beat matched to your horse and the whole thing lastsabout an hour. Research shows that music can augment mood and facilitate an optimised training environment.
  • Can I chose my own songs?
    No sorry - We have spent hours and hours selecting favourites across several genres. Not our own choices but what is most popular. Not every song may be a winner for you but there will be loads that are right on the money because we have designed it this way. We want each new song that comes on to bring about a "OMG i love this song!" and this will happen more times than it wont. If you wanted to select your own songs and have it all beat matched and seemlessly integrated....assuming the sings worked in the first place this would take a LOT of time and we would have to charge over £100. We dont want to charge this so we recommend enjoying the selection we have put together. There will be other genres coming soon
  • Can I swap songs between sections?
    No sorry! They wont work anywhere else. If we have put a song in a 135 trot that is because thats where its beat sits and we can time stretch it slightly up and down to fit a narrow range - if you use a 135 trot for a 168 bpm gait it will sound dreadful
  • I dont like 80's music - what else do you have?
    Firstly...that is like swearing at us! haha! Secondly - we are in the process of making various rock, pop, musicals versions etc so watch this space.
  • How do i find out what to order for my horse?
    Firstly you need to find out the Beats per minute (bpm) for each gait. Download either Tap that Tempo for Apple or Tap Tempo for Android. Get someone to tap along or video yourself and tap it out. Please dont try it whilst riding When you have the bpm for walk, trot and canter then select each tempo from the drop down menus. Simples. We would suggest taking an average and not just doing it once.
  • Why should I listen to music while I ride?
    Considerable research has been and continues to be conducted looking at how auditory channels affect sporting performance. sounds can improve skill. Understanding what music makes you feel energetic or relaxed or anxious even and can have a profound effect on how you feedback to your horse. If anyone would like some more information on the scientific literature please contact Mrs. Equidance
  • What is it?
    The equiblast is the best wrist speaker that we could find on the market that offered not only decent sound quality but that was also good value for money. You wear it whilst you ride and either practice your freestyle music or perhaps have one of our training packs preloaded? We can also send you an sd card if you already have one and just want to buy a new piece of music
  • How loud is it?
    Loud enough for Mrs. Equidance to still hear it during very heavy wind whilst riding ontop of the Mendips :-D
  • Does it take batteries?
    No. The Equidance is charged using a micro usb charger (supplied)
  • Will it effect my riding?
    The equiblast is not heavy. Additionally, the change in 'feel' can augment your training by increasing proprioceptive awareness of your hands - you may find it easier to keep them still if you struggle with this.
  • Will my horse tolerate it?
    Our experience is yes - we have not had a simgle rider yet say that their horse objected. Infact may say it helped with focus and the horse was less reactive to external stimuli. However - we always recommend habituating your horse to a new stimulus so please switch it on and allow the horse to get used to it before switching it on whilst riding - this saves any issues with horses who may be sensitive and/or reactive to novel stimuli. Equidance will not be held responsible for ANY incident arising from the use of an equiblast wrist speaker.
  • What are these?
    These plait accessories are designed to give you that extra bit of sparkle without being a distraction. Simply twist them in or out.
  • How many do I get in a pack?
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