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The Equidance Kustom Arena sound system series are in direct response to what clients have been asking for. 

Many private arena owners would like music for their own personal riding in their outdoor arenas, but when quoted for an installed, waterproof system, can’t justify the costs of the electrical install with specialist equipment and labour rates. Although we can also provide and install these permanent, high end systems, the demand for something portable and affordable has been so great that we thought we’d better put something together that suited all round. The Kustom Arena Sound system series fits the demand perfectly, and we know you’ll love it’s simplicity, sound and coverage.




Firstly, each speaker has it’s own, built in battery. This negates the need for mains power to be installed outside, so no cables, no danger of electrocution etc! The Battery will last for around 5 hours at a sensible level, but if turned up full tilt, this will be more like 2 hours. You can run a mains extension cable out to them if you require extended music play.

Secondly, you can play your music directly from your smart phone via Bluetooth audio, so you just need a platform at rider height to leave your phone on within 15 meters of the Bluetooth master speaker and you can return to it whilst still in the saddle whenever you wish!

The only cable used is the audio link cable we make for you that connects the master speaker to the other unit/s. This can be supplied on a cable roll, so you can easily wind it up after each session, or if you intend to always use your speakers in the same positions, it can be easily slotted into a groove in the turf cut by a spade, and left out with plastic covers over the terminals at each end when not in use.




As you will see in our “Suggested Configurations” diagrams, there are options for the amount of units you require for your specific purpose. We have tested the 2 speaker configuration extensively, and it provides you with good, clear coverage in a 40 x 20 and 60 x 20 arena and is suitable for most locations, but if you have a 60 x 20 and would prefer a little more sound reinforcement, then the 3A or 3B system may be the configuration for you, depending on your arena borders.




Although the units themselves are not classed as waterproof, we can provide shower proof covers that clip from the front of the stand, loop over the unit and attach to the back of the stand. It’s a great way to protect the system if you think there is any chance of rain, and although not storm proof, will buy you enough time to dismount and clear away if the rain gets heavy!

In the bag


Each unit, it’s stand and charging cable, fit neatly into a sturdy padded bag, 2 of these can be easily carried at a time as the speakers are only a little over 8Kg 



 Prices including postage


Kustom system 2               £779.00

Kuston system 3A              £1089.00

Kustom system 3B             £1109.00

Kustom system 4               £1439.00

Rain covers                         £18.00 each made to order

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